Bicycle room in the hotel with high comfort – is it possible?

Komfort im Bikeraum

After a long bike ride, there is nothing better for your guests than to return to a comfortable bike room in the hotel. Comfort and bicycle – how does that fit together and is it even possible? The answer is definitely “yes”!

How exactly you optimize your bike room in the hotel so that your cycling vacation guests feel completely comfortable there, you will learn in this article!

Comfort for the bike room in the hotel, what does it mean?

What does comfort mean in the bike room? It’s simple: leave no wish of your guests unfulfilled and fulfill as many needs as possible without being asked. If your guests feel well taken care of and they see that you have really thought of everything in your hotel bike room, the feeling of comfort goes along with it as if by itself. Thus, the cycling vacation of your guests will be unforgettable with great certainty.

Stowage facilities for bicycles

The be-all and end-all of your hotel’s bike room, should be practical storage options for your guests’ bikes. There are a few ways to do this.
With us you will find a great selection of bike accommodations with many individual benefits:

  • Bikerack
  • Bicycle stand
  • Bike wall mount
  • Bike & ski rack complete
  • Bike lift


and bike/ski rack complete

The bikerack made of stainless steel offers space for 5 bikes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor bike parking as it is weatherproof and the ends are sealed with high quality thermoset caps. The feet can be adjusted in height and inclination. The Bikerack offers the advantage that both the wheel, brake disc and walls are protected from damage. You use the bike room of your hotel not only for bike guests, but also in winter for your ski guests? Then the Bike & Ski Track is completely perfect for you! This can be converted namely, with a few, simple handles, from bike to ski rack and vice versa!

Bicycle stand

The bike stand can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can be floor mounted or freestanding and can hold 4 bikes. This metal bike rack is a classic for your bike room.

Bike wall mount

With the bike wall mount, your guests can store their bikes in a space-saving and uncomplicated way during their cycling vacations. Since the wheel also rests on a stainless steel plate at the bottom, the bike wall mount is particularly gentle on your walls. The bike wall mount is lockable, but a bike chain is not included, but can be added.

Bikelift for the wall

The bike lift for the wall made of stainless steel, is the gadget for your bike room in the hotel. It was specially designed for e-bikes up to 45kg. With it, your cycling vacation guests can store their bikes in a space-saving way without much effort.

What makes a hotel bike room comfortable?

In addition to the bikes, your guests should also be able to store personal items such as shoes, helmet and sportswear. Stylish and spacious wardrobe cabinets should definitely be part of the biker room. Your guests will certainly also be pleased with comfortable seating, where you can rest their tired legs while stowing their belongings. A personal touch, such as decoration, can also add to the comfort and make the stay in your biker room unforgettable. However, be careful not to block any escape routes or areas.

As you can see, comfort and bike definitely work. With simple adjustments you give the bike room in the hotel some personality and make it an absolute feel-good place!

Any questions? We will be happy to answer your questions in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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