Battery charging cabinet and safes for valuables

Valuable items want to be well locked. This applies to the bicycle room or ski room as well as to staff rooms. For this purpose, we offer safe deposit boxes in various sizes and colors, completely individual for your requirements.

Quite trendy in the tourism sector are vacations with the e-bike. Often batteries are charged by guests in the hotel room in the evening, which poses a significant risk, both for the guest and the hotelier. Especially for this purpose, we have a battery charging cabinet in our range to charge the battery conveniently and safely directly next to your own e-bike.

Akku-Ladeschrank von Regensburger
Akku-Ladeschrank von Regensburger
Wertfachschrank weiß 8 Fächer von Regensburger
Wertfachschrank weiß 8 Fächer von Regensburger

In a personal meeting, we discuss the need for safe deposit boxes for your customers or staff, in order to then optimally equip your bike room or staff room in an individual planning.

The number of battery charging compartments is just as individual, depending on how many e-bikes you keep on your premises for your customers. However, you also need to remember that many guests bring their own e-bikes. Thus, you should ensure sufficient capacity of battery charging cabinets. Let’s talk about it.

Akku-Ladeschrank von Regensburger

Battery charging locker

Bike tourism with e-bikes is becoming increasingly popular, take this trend into account and equip your bike room with sufficient battery charging options. To keep the safety standards high in your home and likewise prevent battery theft, this battery charging cabinet is perfect.

Additionally, with this offer you avoid that your guests charge batteries of e-bikes in the hotel room, which can be a high safety risk.

The battery charging locker is perfect for safe charging of different batteries of sports equipment or even cell phones, laptops or powerbanks.

Each of the 10 compartments has a 220V socket (Schuko plug) and a cylinder lock with 2 keys.

Safe deposit box series LOCKER 6

The safes for valuables are made of sheet steel and plastic powder coated.

The cabinets of this series are available in different widths, providing space for small valuables to bags and backpacks. Each compartment has a smooth cabinet floor. The doors are hinged on the right with door stiffeners and a door stop damper. Of course, each compartment has a separate cylinder lock with 2 keys.

Choose from different heights, widths and colors.
We will be happy to advise you on this.

Wertfachschrank weiß 8 Fächer von Regensburger