Our recommendations for your perfect biker room

There are also more and more bicycles in private households, and kids have been riding bikes from an early age. E-bikes are no longer a trend, but a fixed component in many families. The technology advances in the more, so the storage of the bikes and equipment should also meet the requirements.

We have put together a suitable product range for the private home. Private individuals also benefit from our first-class products, which work perfectly for years, but also from our decades of experience in equipping bicycle rooms.

We recommend these 4 products for perfect and space-saving storage

Bike wall mount

The new space-saving and uncomplicated bike wall holder is suitable for all frame and tire dimensions. This way you make the most of the space in your home’s bike room. The tilt function allows access to the individual bikes at any time.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for all frame and tire dimensions (also e-bikes)
  • Secure hold for your bikes
  • Side tilt function allows access at any time
  • Gentle on the walls, as the wheel also rests on a small stainless steel plate at the bottom
  • Bikes can also be locked with optional locking device

NEW: Bike Lift for e-bikes

The Bike Lift is specially designed for e-bikes up to 45kg. With little effort, you can bring your e-bikes into a space-saving position in your bike room.

Quick and easy wall mounting with only 6 screws. This bike holder made of high quality stainless steel perfectly enhances your biker space.

Immediately promptly available.

e-Bike Lift by Regensburger

Bike Rack

Mountain bikes and road bikes often do not have a stand. Therefore, such bicycles like to lean against the walls of houses. The Bike Rack not only protects your walls, but also the bike: No pressure points on the saddle by hanging the bikes, no damage to brake discs or rims by slide-in racks.

The height and angle adjustable feet with concealed hole are also suitable for fixed anchoring. The folding mechanism with lock allows quick assembly and disassembly and space-saving storage in winter.

Material: frame, screws, threads, hinges made of stainless steel, ends closed with high quality Duroplast caps.

Locker for storage including drying

Whether summer or winter – from ski equipment to hiking to e-bikes – from pure technical equipment to safety equipment to clothing, our all-season, all-year-round wardrobe can accommodate all your gear.

The special thing: We accommodate everything and guarantee drying. After the sports activities, the damp clothes and equipment can be stored in the all-season wardrobe and removed dry the next morning. So nothing stands in the way of an exciting day of leisure.

All-Season-Ganzjahresschrank von Regensburger

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