Fahrradständer Solid mit Rennrad
Fahrradständer Solid e-Bike rückwärts
Fahrradständer Solid von Regensburger
Fahrradständer Solid Nahaufnahme von Regensburger
Fahrradständer Solid mit Rennrad

Bicycle stand Solid

Our comfortable bike stand for safe standing. The SOLID bicycle stand can be used both outdoors and in the bicycle room. The bike stands can be placed individually or connected to each other.

The wheel is fixed by simply rolling it in, both forward and backward possible, the flexible mounting frame guarantees a stable hold. The SOLID wheel stand is suitable for almost all frame and tire dimensions.

The bike stand is made of stainless steel and finds space almost everywhere due to its compact dimensions.

Detailed description

  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Parking area with bike 200 cm
  • Stand can be placed individually or connected together
  • Suitable for the most common tire and rim sizes
  • Bicycles can be parked with front and rear wheel


Item number
ZU RAD Boden

Width | Depth
42 | 42 cm

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