Bicycle room in the hotel to convert into a ski room: how to do it

Vom Bikeraum zum Skiraum

In autumn, you may face a challenge – the effective design of your hotel bike room. While some guests use the last rays of sunshine for cycling tours or hiking, ski lovers already start planning their winter excursions. The transition period offers a unique opportunity to rethink and optimize your hotel bike room in terms of usability and efficiency.

Efficient use of space

The biggest problem in designing a multifunctional space like a hotel bike room or ski room is often limited space. Therefore, well thought-out solutions are required. Use vertical surfaces to store bikes and skis. Wall-mounted bike racks and hanging ski racks are handy tools for keeping more floor space free. Different equipment requires different storage solutions. Helmets and shoes, for example, can be stored in lockers or on shelves, while bicycles and skis are better kept on walls or in special racks. If you want to use your space multifunctionally you should definitely think this through and consider buying hybrid usable storage.

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Care and maintenance of the inventory

An effective hotel bike and ski room setup requires quality gadgets and a good cleaning strategy. During the fall season, when the weather is often wet and cold, conventional inventory for the hotel bike room can easily rust. This is exactly the reason why our storage systems and accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel, which prevents rusting and is also very easy to clean thanks to its surface. To keep your room dry on rainy autumn days and thus prevent mold growth, be sure to ventilate regularly or install a ventilation system. Also, the use of shoe dryers can lower the humidity in the hotel bike room by providing shoe dryers for your guests. This additionally contributes to customer satisfaction, as your guests thus start every day with dry feet into new adventures.

Flexibility through hybrid inventory

Do you welcome both bikers and skiers and don’t want a separate bike room and ski room? Exactly for this case you will find the right solutions with us.

Hybrid mounts like the Bike & Ski Rack complete, which can be used for both bikes and skis, are an excellent way to increase the flexibility of your space. They allow seamless switching between sports and maximize available space. The bike & ski rack complete offers space for 24 pairs of skis or 5 to 7 bikes.

Shoe dryer
can be used all year round. Whether it’s for wet sweaty cycling shoes in the summer, hiking boots soaked by rain in the fall, or icy ski boots in the winter, your guests will thank you.

Bike and Ski Emergency Kit
with 15 robust tools is the absolute must-have for every season. It allows your guests to make minor repairs to bike or skis, so nothing stands in the way of vacation fun.

All Season Locker
as the name suggests, is the perfect locker solution for any season. It offers enough storage space for bike or ski equipment as well as shoe and glove dryer for 4 pairs of shoes and gloves each.

This dual-use concept is an efficient way to adapt your space to the changing needs of your guests without compromising on order or security.

While fall is a transitional time, it also provides an opportunity to upgrade and prepare your space to meet the diverse needs of your guests. Use this time to optimize your hotel sports equipment storage and provide your guests with an all-around positive experience!

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