From autumn bike tours to ski preparation: 5 hotelier tips for autumn

Sport im Herbst

Autumn is the season of colors and provides a perfect backdrop for various outdoor activities. For both cyclists and skiers this season has its own charm and advantages. In this post, you’ll learn the many aspects that make fall the perfect season for outdoor sports and how you can take advantage of this time to provide your guests with an unforgettable experience.

Autumn bike tours: A feast for the senses

Autumn with its play of colors is the perfect time for cycling tours. Cycling through a landscape characterized by autumn colors is an unforgettable experience.

Hotelier Tip: Make sure your guests know what to expect by offering special fall bike tours. Routes through local parks or forests are especially popular, as they give cyclists a chance to enjoy the beauty of the fall landscape.

Your hotel bike room should be well equipped to keep your guests’ gear safe. Also think of ways to clean and maintain bikes and drying facilities for clothes and shoes, especially on rainy days.

Fewer people, more nature

One of the biggest advantages of fall sports is that there are fewer crowds. The roads, trails and slopes are often less crowded, which gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy nature in peace.

Hotelier Tip: Provide local maps and route recommendations and promote outdoor activities in the fall as an attractive option for your guests.

Health and well-being

Outdoor sports in autumn are not only a delight for the senses, but also offer numerous health benefits. The cool but still pleasant temperatures are ideal for endurance sports such as cycling and hiking or even the first ski tours at higher altitudes or glacier skiing. Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system and improves mood – important aspects in the cold and flu season.

Hotelier Tip: Health and a conscious lifestyle, is becoming increasingly important to many people, even on vacation. This could be a great way to educate your guests about the health benefits of fall outdoor activities.

Preparation for the winter

For skiers and snowboarders, autumn offers the perfect opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season. Whether it’s strength training, balance exercises or simply maintaining fitness, ski preparation in the fall is an important aspect for many winter sports enthusiasts.

Hotelier Tip: As a hotelier, you have the opportunity to offer special training programs or simply provide tips and tricks on how best to prepare for the ski season.

The variety of autumn sports

Autumn offers a wide range of outdoor sports opportunities. From mountain biking to hiking and climbing to the first ski tours – autumn has a lot to offer.

Hotelier Tip: As a hotelier, you can help your guests make the most of this time of year by providing information on the various fall outdoor sports and offering appropriate storage for their gear in the hotel bike room. You want to know what equipment should not be missing in a good biker room? Then read on here. You want to know how to set up your ski room perfectly? Then this article is ideal for you.

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