Cycling vacation with children: how to create an unforgettable experience

Radurlaub  mit Kindern

Cycling vacations have become increasingly popular in recent years – whether young or old. More and more families see the bicycle as an important part of travel planning and want to spend an active summer vacation on the bike with their children. If you would like your hotel to appeal to sports-loving families, this is the right place for you. In this article you will learn how to inspire families and especially children to spend a cycling vacation in your hotel.

Child friendly equipment in the hotel

Not every hotel is the same as a family hotel. Would you like to welcome families who make cycling vacations with children, you should make some interior design considerations. Of course, you don’t have to turn your entire hotel into a children’s paradise. It is quite enough to make some minor adjustments to provide children with an eventful stay. With coloring books or children’s books in the restaurant or dining area, you will make yourself popular not only with the children, but certainly with the parents, as many a meal together will certainly be calmer and more relaxed if the child has something to do. A small in-house playground is not a must, but can certainly sweeten the hotel stay for children. Also, it may be beneficial to have lower sinks or toilets for children. With these adjustments you make your hotel especially attractive for families. Maybe you can think of other ideas how to include a child-friendly design to inspire guests for the cycling vacation with children in your hotel.

Child friendly route planning

If you want to target people to come to your hotel for a cycling vacation with children, it is important to find out about the child-friendliness of the cycling routes in your area. By recommending kid-friendly routes and destinations, you can help your little ones explore the area safely and with fun. For example, you could display brochures of children’s bike tours or attractions of interest to children at your front desk and ask your staff to inform guests about the child-friendly routes.

Bike workshops for children

Cycling in itself is a great adventure, but why not take it a step further? Offer bike workshops for kids to learn about safety and bike maintenance. This is not only a great way to teach them important skills, but also to position your hotel as a kid-friendly destination and motivate families to spend their biking vacation with kids at your hotel.

Partnerships and discounts – Exclusive offers for your guests

In addition to a kid-friendly hotel and kid-friendly activities, consider the benefits of partnering with local businesses. Offer your guests exclusive discounts at local bike stores or on family outings. This shows that you care about the comfort and enjoyment of your young and old guests and makes you the best destination for a cycling vacation with children.

Comfort and convenience – The bike room in the hotel

Comfort and convenience are key words when it comes to the design of the bike room in the hotel. Make sure the space is well-lit and easily accessible, and provide useful tools like bike repair kits, such as our
Bike Service Station
and air pumps. This will not only enhance your guests’ experience, but also reinforce the positive impression of your hotel.

A well-equipped bicycle room in the hotel with easy-to-use
bike racks and stands
makes the visit easier, especially for the parents, who can keep a better eye on the children and are not forever busy with the complicated stowage of bicycles or equipment. The risk of injury to children is also reduced if you have a clean and tidy hotel bike room that has
robust storage facilities
has. Our customized solutions offer a variety of secure storage options, for the bikes and equipment of your little and big guests, perfectly rounding off the cycling vacation with children.

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