Nutrition for bike tourists – How to inspire your guests

Ernährung für Radtouristen

Not every guest has the same demands on a hotel, but there are certain groups among your guests who have certain needs. A particularly interesting and constantly growing group are the bicycle tourists. These active and nature-loving guests have special needs, especially when it comes to recreation and nutrition for cycling tourists.
In this article you will learn all those aspects with which you can optimize your offer to meet the needs of cycling tourists and delight them during their stay in your hotel.

Nutrition for cycling tourists

Cycling is a physically demanding activity that causes high energy consumption. For this reason, cycling vacationers have special dietary needs that you should consider. It is important that cyclists consume a balanced mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to support the body during and after exercise.

The ideal diet for cycling tourists:


Carbohydrates provide readily available energy and should be consumed before and during cycling. Offer whole grains, fruits and vegetables for breakfast. These foods are rich in carbohydrates and ensure that your guests start the day full of energy.


Proteins are essential for muscle repair and recovery. Make sure you have protein-rich foods like meat, fish, eggs and legumes on the menu, especially after a long day on the bike.


Fats provide long-lasting energy and are important for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Good sources of fat are nuts, seeds and fish.

How to highlight the nutrition for cycling tourists

Culinary events that highlight local cuisine and healthy ingredients are a great way to offer your guests a unique gastronomic experience. At the same time you can ensure the energy supply of the cycling holidaymakers.

Relaxation for bike tourists

After a long day on the bike, bike tourists are looking for a place to relax and unwind. A quiet, comfortable room is the key. Also think about wellness offers such as massages, which are specially adapted to the needs of cyclists. A sauna or steam room can also be a great asset to relax muscles and promote recovery.

In terms of recreation, your options are as varied as they are for dining. Offer yoga classes to promote flexibility and muscle relaxation or organize guided meditation sessions for mental relaxation. Partnering with local wellness providers can also help offer specials like massages or physical therapy treatments.

Relaxation begins in the bike room in the hotel

An often overlooked aspect is a safe yet convenient place for guests to park their bikes. A special bike room in the hotel equipped with high quality inventory, hygienic and comfortable is the dream of every bike tourist. With us you will find durable, shapely
bike room inventory
with which your bike room in the hotel becomes an oasis of well-being.

Proper eating, drinking and sufficient rest and relaxation are important to maintain physical performance and ensure the well-being of cycling tourists. By addressing both the nutritional and recreational needs of your guests, you can provide a holistic experience that will make their stay at your hotel memorable.

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