Bike rack systems for optimal use of space in hotels


In a world where sustainability and healthy lifestyles are becoming increasingly important, the bicycle has established itself as the mode of transportation of choice for many vacationers as well. As hoteliers, it is therefore important to respond to this trend and provide your guests with suitable bicycle parking facilities. But how to efficiently design and optimize a bike room? Bike stand systems can be the answer here!

This brings bike rack systems for your hotel

Bike rack systems are an effective solution to make the most of the available space in your hotel bike room, while providing a safe and convenient place to store bikes. They allow you to fit more bikes into less space, helping to make more efficient use of space. They are available in different designs and sizes to meet the specific needs of your hotel.

Our different bike stand systems at a glance

With us you will find many different types of bike stand systems, each with its own merits:

Bike wall mount

  • This bike rack is mounted on the wall and allows to park bikes vertically. It saves floor space, provides secure support and is ideal for smaller biker spaces.
  • The bike wall mount is suitable for all frame and tire dimensions and also for e-bikes.
  • This wheel stand system is particularly gentle on the walls, because the wheel rests below on a small stainless steel plate.
  • The bike wall mount has a side tilt function that ensures that access to each bike is always possible.
  • There is a possibility to lock the bikes to this stand the bike chain, can be purchased separately and is not included.

Solid bike stand

  • This comfortable stainless steel bike stand provides a secure stand
  • It is suitable for almost all frames and tire dimensions.
  • The flexible mounting frame guarantees stable standing and easy rolling in.
  • The bike stands can be placed individually or connected to each other.

Classic bike stand

  • This stainless steel system does not require wall mounting and can be flexibly positioned as needed.
  • It offers space for 4 bikes.
  • If desired, this bike rack system can be mounted on the ground.
  • A floor space of 150cm width in the bike room should be available for the Classic bike rack.

Bikerack for 5 bikes

  • All parts of the bikerack are made of 100% stainless steel including screws and threads
  • The wheel stand system is absolutely weatherproof and all end pieces are closed with high quality Duroplast caps
  • The wheels can be optimally accommodated by the suspension on the saddle
  • Damage to the wheel or the brake disc as they can occur with slide-in stands and also scratches on walls, are avoided by the Bikerack.
  • The feet are adjustable in both height and inclination.
  • With the help of the folding mechanism, with locking and pinch protection, the Bikerack can be mounted easily and without tools.
  • When not in use, it can be completely folded for space-saving storage.

How to choose the right bike rack system for your hotel bike room

When choosing the right bike rack system for your hotel, you should consider the following aspects:

Room size and layout

The size and layout of your bike room will determine which type of bike rack system is best.

Number of bicycles

Consider how many bikes you need to accommodate and choose a system that can provide that capacity.


Make sure the bike rack is easy to use and allows easy access to each bike.


Consider how to ensure the safety of parked bicycles. Some bike rack systems offer the ability to hook up bikes to provide additional security.

Design and aesthetics

A bike stand system can be more than just a functional device. It can also contribute to the aesthetic design of your hotel bike room and create a welcoming ambience for your guests.

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