The perfect equipment for your bike room

You want a modern and attractive bike room instead of the previous “bike cellar” for your guests, but you don’t know where to start? Then our bikeroom guide will help you. Everything about the equipment of an ideal bike room you can learn here!

Important considerations in advance

First, it should be clear how many guests should and can use the bike room. To calculate seating and lockers, the number of rooms can be used. Each room gets an assigned locker. Seating can be placed as desired. Preferably near the lockers to be able to put things down or comfortably put on and take off footwear and the like. Furthermore, it must be clear how many bicycle parking facilities should be available. Is one bike space per guest enough or do your guests sometimes have two or more bikes?


After the initial considerations regarding the capacity of your bike room, it’s now time to move on to the equipment.

Bike storage

With us you will find a selection of suitable bike storage. The bike stand and bike rack for indoor and outdoor use are ideal for mountain bikes, as they do not have a stand. In order not to have to lean them against the wall of the house and the like, the Bike Rack, for example, with its gentle suspension from the saddle, is very suitable.

For space-saving storage, the uncomplicated bike wall mount is suitable. This is suitable for the most common frame and tire dimensions.

Service Station

Our Regensburg Bike Service Station consists of the following items:

  1. Workbench with wooden table top
  2. EasyBikeFix for the workbench
  3. Ski and bike repair kit

The practical set for repairing and maintaining bikes and skis is a bonus in any bike room. Offer your guests a service station in the house.

Provide comfort and a feel-good factor

Ample lockers for the safe storage and drying of clothing, helmets, shoes and personal items. Comfortable benches for your guests should not be missing either.

E-bike charging station become more and more important

Many guests now use e-bikes, so charging stations should not be missing here!

Optional extensions

  • Water refilling station for thirsty athletes
  • Showers for after sports or guests on the day of departure
  • Disinfection stations for hygiene

Any questions? We will be happy to answer your questions in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!

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