Bed and Bike: The seal of approval for your home

The change in consumer behavior also affects the decision-making process for the next vacation accommodation. People are consciously selecting more and more services according to quality criteria. Quality seals are often the visual decision-making aids, because a suitable quality seal ensures more trust and a positive image transfer.

What for and wherefore

To get certified for a seal of approval in tourism causes costs, but mostly manageable. But the benefits are obvious: services that are often available in-house anyway suddenly take on a visible quality and attract appropriate attention. In addition, a seal of approval also ensures a positive image transfer and a significant increase in the willingness to buy or book.

Bett + Bike – the seal of quality for bicycle tourism

Bicycle tourism is a very dynamically growing vacation segment. And cycling tourism is diverse. Vacationers travel single-track from place to place, others choose their place to make star trips from there. And whether leisurely on the road or with the mountain bike in the terrain, one thing unites these vacationers – who is on the road with the bike, has very specific wishes for the service of the accommodation, and these have also increased with the high proportion of e-bikes.

More than 5,900 accommodations in Europe are now certified as bicycle-friendly Bett+Bike accommodations and thus ensure transparency in the offer for bicycle tourists. This seal of approval is issued by the ADFC, the General German Bicycle Club e.V., on the basis of which guests can be sure to book accommodation that is designed to meet the needs of cycling vacationers.

For Austrian tourism businesses, there is a cooperation with the platform for this purpose, which recommends all bicycle-friendly accommodation establishments along Austria’s most beautiful bike tours that have been awarded the Bett+Bike seal of approval to interested vacationers. In a conversation with Günther Steiniger, the person responsible for, we learned that for the admission and certification of Austrian businesses, the respective provincial tourism organizations act as contacts.

Requirements for Bett+Bike certification

The following 7 criteria must be fulfilled for the quality certificate “Host Company”:

  1. Hosting bicycle guests for one night
  2. Lockable room to store the bikes overnight
  3. Room for drying clothes and equipment
  4. Provision of a basic repair kit
  5. Offer a full breakfast
  6. Information on the regional tourist offer for cycling tourists
  7. Contact with a bicycle repair shop nearby

In addition, there are three other services to be provided, here is an excerpt from those options:

  • Pick up and drop off service for cycling guests
  • Rental or hire bike offer
  • E-bike rental
  • E-bike charging stations
  • Offer day tours
  • Luggage transfer to the next accommodation
  • Cooperation with a bicycle repair shop

Currently, we are in talks regarding a cooperation with the two platforms and would be happy to advise you on your individual bikeroom, which can guarantee you successful certification with regard to the technical equipment in your house. Because we carry all the products you need for this seal of approval, from BikeFix for minor repairs, lockers with integrated dryers and power outlets for charging batteries, different bike racks and lots of accessories. Read in our blog post how an optimal bike room can be equipped.

We are also happy to equip your bike room accordingly, from planning to installation and servicing we are there for you, no matter how much space or budget you have. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

Greetings from Pfunds
Your team Regensburger!


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