Bike workshop in the biker room: so that the vacation does not stop with a flat tire

Radreparatur im Bikeraum

More and more vacationers are recognizing the benefits of bicycle travel and are planning their vacations with a bicycle in their luggage. As a hotelier, it is important to cater to the needs of this growing target group and adapt the service in your hotel accordingly. Nothing is more disappointing than a cycling vacation cut short too soon because the bike broke down. A well-equipped bike room with a small bike workshop is therefore indispensable. In this article you will learn with which Bike Service Station equipment you can perfectly equip your hotel bike cellar for your guests and which services will help you to provide your guests with a stress-free and unforgettable cycling vacation.

Workbench for bicycle workshop: A solid foundation

One of the most important components of a professional bike workshop for the hotel bike cellar is the workbench for the bike. This should be sturdy, durable and ergonomic to withstand the various repair and maintenance operations. Sufficient storage space for tools and accessories is also important.

Our high quality and sturdy Bike workbench with a beech multiplex worktop and a spacious drawer with full extension, allows your guests to lend a hand and make minor repairs themselves.

Bicycle workshop equipment: Everything the bicycle heart desires

A well-equipped bicycle workshop includes not only the workbench for the bike, but also various service equipment and tools. These include:

Bike mounting clamp

A solid mounting clamp is indispensable to securely and stably fix the bike. This allows your guests to comfortably work on their bike without worrying about it slipping away.
With us you will find a choice of 3 different models:

All three bike mounting clamps models are made of stainless steel with powder coating. Your gripper arm can be rotated 360° and the clamping pressure can be adjusted by yourself. This can prevent damage to the bike frame. These 3 models allow you to perfectly use your space and choose a bike mounting clamp with attachment to the workbench, wall or standing on the floor.

Air pump with pressure gauge

A high-quality air pump should not be missing in any bicycle workshop. Make sure that the pump has a pressure gauge so that the tire pressure can be set precisely.

Bicycle tools

Provide a selection of common bicycle tools, such as Allen and Torx wrenches, chain rivets, spoke wrenches and tire levers. This way, your guests are well equipped for most repair and maintenance tasks.

Our bike emergency kit for wall mounting, combines 15 useful tools made of lightweight and stainless material. The tools are attached to 1.5 meter long chains, making them perfect for the hotel bike cellar.

Bicycle workshop

You would like to equip your hotel bike cellar completely for maintenance and repair? Then our Bike Service Station is just right for you! It combines our Bike and Ski Emergency Kit, Bike Workbench and EASY BIKE FIX Bench to create the optimal set for your bike workshop in the bike room.

Bike service station near you: Close partnerships

Even if you offer a well-equipped bike workshop in your hotel, your guests may feel overwhelmed with some repairs or need special spare parts. In such cases, it is worth considering cooperation with a bicycle service station in the vicinity. This way, you can offer your guests quick and professional help with bicycle repairs on site and save them the often tedious search for a suitable workshop.

Any questions? We will be happy to answer your questions in an individual meeting. Write to us at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

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