Hotel trends of the future – guests’ demands on your hotel


Guests’ expectations of a place to stay are constantly changing and have changed significantly, especially in recent years due to digitalization and the corona crisis. Travelers are looking for more than just a roof over their heads for the duration of their stay. It is important for the guests to have all their needs taken into account during the visit and to have all their wishes fulfilled. Which hotel trends of the future will you implement?

But what do guests expect from a hotel and how can guest satisfaction be increased? In this article, you’ll learn about the hotel trends of the future that will meet the needs and wants, and what it takes to make your guests all-around happy.

Hotel trends of the future – this is what you should pay attention to

Guest satisfaction is paramount and the foundation of a successful hotel. Therefore, there are some important points to consider, based on which most vacationers decide whether the stay in the hotel is a nice experience.

These trends in the hotel industry are important to keep in mind:

  • Comfort
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Personalization
  • Wellness
  • Local experience
Hotel trend of the future: Comfort

Comfort in the form of comfortable beds, pillows and bedding, of course, is not a novelty and nowadays it is taken for granted. However, the hotel room should not only be a place to sleep, but also a protected space where your guests can rest and relax. So comfort also includes factors such as aesthetic furnishings, pleasant lighting and practical technology, such as air conditioning or high-tech heaters and light switches and sockets next to the bed.

Hotel trend of the future: Sustainability

More and more guests are paying attention to the fact that hotels act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. So, for example, focus on renewable energy, waste reduction and regional products. If this is communicated, it can also increase guest satisfaction and motivate vacationers to book a stay at your lodging establishment.

Hotel trend of the future: Technology

As mentioned, one trend in the hospitality industry is technology, which is becoming more and more important. It is important to stay on the ball and keep up with the times in order to remain interesting for your guests in the future and to make their stay in your hotel an experience.

Hotel trend of the future: Personalization

Many guests want individual and personalized service to make them feel really at home. This can be accomplished, for example, through modern technologies such as chatbots, which can digitally answer your guests’ questions in their own language.

Hotel trend of the future: Wellness

In a world characterized by speed, relaxation and well-being are becoming increasingly important for many guests on vacation. A good relaxation and well-being offer is therefore often an important factor in the choice of hotel and also increases guest satisfaction.

Hotel trend of the future: Local experiences

For many vacationers, an authentic experience with culture and culinary delights is particularly important. You can help your guests with this request, for example, by offering activities and tours or recommending restaurants or places of interest to your guests.

Don’t forget your biker room when you’re thinking about it!

Comfort, technology and sustainability are all factors that should not be missing even in the bike cellar of your hotel. More and more people, attach great importance to a healthy and sporty lifestyle, which is increasingly included in the vacation planning. This should be reason enough to take a close look at your hotel bike cellar and complement it with modern and qualitative gadgets, making it the perfect biker room.

With these hotel trends of the future, your hotel will become the ideal vacation destination. Are you looking for the ideal gadgets for your hotel bike cellar? Then feel free to have a look around here!

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