Tourism trend: (E-)mountain biking becomes a popular sport

Tourismus Trend_ E-Mountainbike wird zum Breitensport

The new trend of the niche target group mountain bikers is quite clear: E-bikes! The bike industry has already recognized this. Now tourism must follow suit and seize the opportunity to create a broad tourism offer for this niche.
Where does the trend towards e-bikes come from, how the hotel industry needs to adapt to this development and what else needs to be considered? You can find out all about it here!

Where does the trend towards e-bikes come from?

For a few years now, e-bikes have become increasingly popular among cyclists. Thus, cycling tourism has also undergone a strong revolution in recent years. More and more athletes are investing in an electric bike. Reasons for this can vary greatly. On the one hand, the comfort and the protection of the joints speak for e-bikes, on the other hand, thanks to the electric motor, e-bikes are quickly at a stable speed and can be controlled safely. Thus, the e-mountain bike can be used both in cities and mountain regions. You can find out more in our article.

How the hotel industry can adapt

Especially in natural or mountain regions, the hotel industry must expand. Because this is where the biggest boom is expected. Mountainous routes in the forest are perfect for the e-mountain bike athletes. Thus, bicycle rooms and secure storage facilities are indispensable to ensure a carefree stay for your guests. Since most e-bikes cost €2,000 and up, it should be possible to store these expensive purchases safely.

To appeal to the niche target group of mountain bikers, make sure you have enough rental bikes to allow for spontaneous day trips. Likewise, charging stations for e-mountain bikes must not be missing, because it can happen that the battery is discharged after a big bike tour. To be ready for the new bike tour the next day, allow your guests to charge the bikes.

Does your restaurant already have a biker room?
Here’s what to consider:

  • Safe storage of the bikes
  • Service station for small repairs in between
  • E-bike charging stations

Risks from the e-mountain bike boom in tourism

The increased e-mountain bike cycling tourism also brings some risks. For example, experts are currently looking at the likely development of mountain biking as a popular sport and its impact on agriculture, forestry, nature and wildlife in the affected areas. Now it is necessary to find control measures to avoid conflicts in advance and even prevent “overtourism” – in which bikers become a disturbing factor for locals.

The e-bike revolution should make all hotel operators think about jumping on the trend and adapting their hotel to the growing desires.

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