What place cycling tourism has as an economic factor

Cycle tourism as an economic factor

This is the future of summer tourism: Bike travel. Because these are increasingly on the rise. In the cities, the bicycle is already a very popular means of transport and it is also becoming more and more popular for vacation trips. Experts put the growth rates of bicycle travel in recent years at up to 10 percent – and the growth is continuing.
Why should you make your restaurant bike-fit now, how has bike tourism evolved and why should you invest the necessary budget in your bike room? You can find out all about it here!

How has cycling tourism evolved?

In recent years, cycling vacations have become increasingly popular. Bikes can easily be taken on vacation, whether by car or train. Many guests no longer go on vacation without their beloved bikes and the cycling trend has been further strengthened by e-bikes. Bicycles make it easy to get around and explore the region without having to drive around in a hot car in the middle of summer. In addition, there is the environmental factor, which turns many to the wheel. Now hoteliers and innkeepers must follow suit and specialize in bicycle tourists. With the “Bett & Bike” seal of quality, tourism establishments guarantee services such as bike parking, tools in case of breakdowns and short bookings for one night. This strongly attracts cycling vacationers. The right bike room can therefore make all the difference.

Why you should turn your bike cellar into a biker room

To keep your restaurant modern, appealing and up to date for your sporty guests, your outdated, dusty bike cellar should be transformed into a functional and comfortable bike room.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Your guests start the vacation day in a pleasant atmosphere
  • Your guests’ personal belongings are safely stored in the lockable lockers
  • Expensive bikes as well as e-bikes can be stored safely & gently to save your guests from worrying about theft
  • After a long, sporty day, your guests can dry their shoes, helmets and gloves in the bike room to start the next day fresh (possible in the lockable locker) and also the batteries of the e-bikes can be conveniently charged in their own locker.

The investment is worth it. Increased demand also requires increased supply. In addition to a modern bike room, offer your guests additional sports activities, such as guided bike tours or, for example, a racing bike week.

Cycle tourism as an economic factor

A study by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability shows that bicycle tourism has developed into an economic factor. According to the study, cycling in Austria generates value-added effects of 882.5 million euros – and creates 18,328 jobs. The largest share of this is accounted for by cycle tourism with 317 million euros.

To be able to keep up with the competition, you should have the necessary budget for your bike offer (rental, bike room, tours, etc.). An individualized bike room is a long-term investment that definitely pays off with the ever-increasing bike trend. Here it is important to pay attention to the quality of the equipment and the appropriate planning.

The e-bike revolution should make all hotel operators think about jumping on the trend and adapting their hotel to the growing desires.

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