A short vacation in autumn from the point of view of your guests

Kurzurlaub im Herbst

Maia and Samira have been looking forward to their autumnal short vacation in the mountains for weeks. The two come from Berlin and have little experience in the alpine region. Maia and Samira will spend the next three days in your hotel. Of course, you want to be perfectly prepared for your hiking guests and that also means for you to read your guests’ every wish from their eyes.

At the reception

At the reception desk, the two are greeted by one of your friendly receptionists. This person will explain to them how to best find their way around your hotel, give them info on dining times and who to contact should they have any questions.

At your direction, he asks the guests what they have planned for the next few days, to which they reply that they have arrived for a hiking vacation. For this answer you have prepared your staff well and your receptionist asks about Maia’s and Samira’s hiking experience and offers extensive information about the most beautiful autumnal hiking routes in the vicinity of your hotel, which the two gratefully accept.

Weather forecast as an important tool

The two have already checked in advance on the smartphone that the weather has reported beautiful for the next few days. However, as a hotel owner, you know that the weather in the mountains is often somewhat unpredictable. That’s why you’ve taken precautions and had a large screen, easily visible, with the local weather forecast installed in the foyer of your hotel. The receptionist also draws the attention of the two ladies to this.

Last but not least, based on their experience and conversation, he gives Maia a flyer that you have created in the team especially for the fall on the subject of hiking, which includes a selection of tours with difficulty “easy”. The information about the difficulty of the trails you have for example from the site: https://www.alpenverein.de/huetten-wege-touren/wege/schwierigkeitsgrade-von-bergwegen_aid_28820.html

Samira and Maia now feel well informed and are looking forward to a good first night in their cozy hotel beds. They have also already decided on a tour to try the next day.

The first hike

Refreshed and in a good mood, the two women start the day. After they have eaten a hearty breakfast and packed some provisions into their hiking backpacks, they are ready to go.

At the entrance of your hotel you will find a stand where you can find small cards with the most important telephone numbers, for example those of the Mountain Rescue and the Alpine Club. They pocket these, because better safe than sorry.

The selected route proves to be perfectly tailored to them and leads them through a beautiful autumn forest, which virtually glows with bright colors.

Not exhausted, but with the pleasant feeling of having done something, the two reach their hotel again after the hike. In the meantime, light rain has begun to fall, steadily increasing in intensity and softening the forest floor into a doughy quagmire. Samira and Maia worry for a moment, they have to take the mud-covered shoes back to their hotel room.

A dream of a multifunctional room

What the two do not know, your hotel is well equipped for such situations. A receptionist directs the two women to your multi-function room, stocked with high-quality lockers where they can hang their rain-soaked clothes to dry.

The floor is covered with non-slip rubber mats that can both keep it clean and prevent falls. Maia is very happy about this, because she has a damaged knee, on which it is better not to fall. The benches in the room are functional, yet comfortable, and Samira is happy to sit down, her legs heavier from walking than expected.

When the two women first notice the electric shoe dryer mounted on the wall, they are amazed. They have never seen such a hotel before and they are thrilled. So you can be sure that you start your tour the next day with dry feet. Satisfied and relieved about the convenient storage of their belongings, the two return to their room after dinner, where they recharge their batteries and, above all, get some sleep for the next day of hiking.

This story is freely invented by us, but should not be fiction. It hides many important tips to sweeten the stay of your guests in your hotel. What went through your mind while reading:

  • Yes, it sounds like the two of them have been with us
  • Hmm, I haven’t even thought about that yet
  • My hotel still has room for improvement in this area
  • Good tips, but how do I implement them?


We are happy to assist you with the last point, because we have a large selection of high-quality products as well as the necessary know-how on the subject – from planning to implementation. Your interest is aroused? You can also find our product variety at: https://shop.skiraum.at/index.html


Any questions? We will be happy to answer your questions in an individual meeting. Write to us at info@bikeraum.at or simply call us at +43 5474 5500.

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